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Am I drunk?

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Find your blood alcohol content level!

Am I drunk?” estimates blood alcohol content (BAC) in g/l, or rather in permilles per mass, the unit that are legally recognized in many states of the world.

By providing your personal information, such as weight and height, and adding drinks that you consumed, the application will simulate a breathalyzer, returning in a simple and quick way an estimate of the blood alcohol content. In this way you can assess whether to drive or to hitch a ride.

Other features:

– Remembers your personal information and the list of taken drinks, so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.

– Supports multiple units of measure, both in the metric system (kg, cm, m, cl, ml, l) than in imperial system (lbs, in, ft, UK fl oz, UK pint) and US system (US fl oz, US pint).

– Allows you to insert and edit custom beverages, indicating quantity and alcohol content.

– Includes a wide database containing the legal limit for driving in over 60 states. Nevertheless, you can set a custom limit.

– Takes into account the alcohol elimination due to metabolism and provides the time when you come back under the legal limit. You can also set a custom elimination rate.

– Takes into account the state of the stomach at the time of assumption to determine the alcohol absorption rate.

– Provides a description of possible symptoms that characterize each level of alcohol in the blood.

– It’s localized in English and Italian.

More functions soon…

DISCLAIMER: BAC values of this application have no legal validity, they represent only an estimate of the concentration of alcohol in the blood that can not be considered in any way as a guarantee of security and/or psycho-physical eligibility to drive. There are no safe levels of alcohol consumption for driving.

I’m waiting for any comments, bug reports or questions on the application’s operation.

Please contact me before leaving one-star rating! You can find the email address below. ** Where Am I

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