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Download baby breakfast games for girls apk free . #baby_breakfast_games_for_girls . Hello, babies are very cute, we all like to play with them, we love to watch them when they are smiling and we love to see them how they are playing. We all were babies and we know that this time goes quickly and we know that in this time of our life we need a lot of attention and love. When we were babies our parents were very attentive to everything which means care. If you like games with babies then this game is perfect for you. Through this kids care game you can accept the challenge of proving that you can be a responsible child who can handle if you have a sister or a little brother who need help.

You know very well that every game has different levels like this game for kids. Here you will find a baby who needs your help.

To lead the final mission for the baby to be happy you must follow all instructions of this game with three levels. When you will play you will think that you take care of a baby in reality.

1) At the beginning of the game you have to select the first baby that will lead you directly to the first level where you will find the baby’s room and there you’ll have to give him care needs. The room is very nice decorated, are very pastel colors and there are so many toys, this room is the dream of every child, we are sure that you will enjoy very much. Your priority is to make our baby happy, he is sad because he wants to play with him, then you have to throw the old dirty diaper and give him a new and fresh diaper. Apply a soft lotion all over his body and massage very well with hands;

2) Now it is time for breakfast, you have to be careful to give him healthy food. Morning he must have a balanced menu and you must provide the following foods: milk, bananas, apple, peppers. Do not forget to wipe his face with napkins and occasionally giving him a toy to stop crying;

3) The most awaited moment of the game is where you will have to take care of the child’s appearance, you’ll have to sit his hair to have a beautiful hair, then you have to open locker to choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories. For example he can wear a pink suit. Do not forget that wants a toy so you will have to choose for himself the most beautiful toy.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other baby care games, girls games and games for girls.

Thank you for taking care of the child, his parents are very happy to have a good friend like you. If you want to help out you can return to this baby whenever you have free time through this baby care game.

Have fun!

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