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Download Breakfast Maker – Cooking Mania apk free . #Breakfast_Maker_-_Cooking_Mania . Presenting “Breakfast Maker: Cooking Mania”, our new exclusive making and cooking game for making the best breakfast to serve your making and baking needs. As wintery season, cold nights, breezy Mornings! Winter is here and it brings us with the joys of seasonal food.

Winter is coming and approaching, we introduce you our best cooking and baking game. The complete cooking and baking suite for all your cooking and making needs. This is not just a game, it is the ultimate breakfast game that caters all your needs to make you the best breakfast in the world!

It gives you complete breakfast cooking and baking experience including

– Fried and plain eggs

– Shrimps cooking and frying

– Chicken and meat sausages cooking

As you go through the game, this is unlike our other games, this game is not the usual one meal maker game, it allows you to have a customized experience of the kitchen that takes you through the process of making eggs, slices, sausages and shrimps items to give you full baking, making, cooking and serving experience!

Play this game and cook the most amazing and delicious eggs, sizzling sausages, yummy shrimps and amazing barbecue items with the best toppings and flavors and toss it into your master delighting food and serve it with add-ons like juices, fries, salads and fruits!

Prepare your meal and cook the best breakfast and serve it with your favorite drink or beverage including coffee, tea and juices! Your task is to make, bake, grill the best and most delicious, inspiring, thrilling and juicy breakfasts, sausages, slices & serve it for your customers and viewers.

Choose your food type

– Eggs

o Fried

o Poached

– Sausages

– Sandwich

– Juices and beverages

Just open our game and make your juicy breakfast along with hot slices, sizzling eggs and sausages with special ingredients including fruits, salads, juices, eggs, sauces, sausages, fruits, and coffee. Indulge yourself in unlimited fun and our colorful game to make best and delicious breakfasts for yourself and share it with your friends.

Breakfast Maker is the ultimate breakfast grilling and baking game that comes with the following sizzling, amazing, thrilling and exclusive Features:

– Variety of fruits and salads

– Many options for meat including sausages and shrimps

– Variety of salads, fruits, slices, beverages and spices

– Garnish items including juices, beverages and fruits

From tasty eggs to bread slices, sausages or bacon to garnishing it with items including juices, fruits there is something that everyone will love.

Whether it’s the winters, summers, a weekend, Christmas holidays, Halloween trick or treat, Thanksgiving or Easter, even if you’re having a fun Friday night hangout with your friends or you’re just in for some spicy, sizzling hot food mood, this game has it all.

How to Play:

– Very Interactive controls to play.

– Choose from your favorite variety of sausages, bacon, fruits and salads

– Make the best and serve it with beverage, salads and sauces

About This Apk
Name Breakfast Maker – Cooking Mania
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Version 1.0
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