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You Want to Learn How to Use Excel?

You Want to Become an Excel Expert!
Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program.
Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet application is used in many workplaces and is therefore an excellent skill to have.

Get a handle on Excel. the industry standard for spreadsheets with the help of the most famous instructor computer in these application videos.

In This Application We Will Help You To Learn Step By Step How to Use Excel:

1- What Is Excel?
2- How to “Set It & Forget It” in Excel
3- Data vs. Format in Excel
4- How to Demystify the Ribbon in Excel 2003, 2007, & 2010
5- How to Navigate the Ribbon in Excel
6- How to Navigate Cells, Rows & Columns in Excel
7- How to Navigate Workbooks & Worksheets in Excel
8- How to Move Quickly within a Worksheet
9- File Compatibility between Excel 2003 & Excel 2007
10- How to Understand Error Messages like DIV, REF, NA
11- How to Add & Delete Rows & Columns in Excel
12- How to Move a Cell Around in Excel
13- How to Understand Text & Numeric Formats in Excel
14- Essential Formatting Shortcuts in Excel
15- Essential Formatting Tricks in Excel
16- How to Use the Clear Functions in Excel
17- How to Use Paste Special in Excel
18- What Is the Find Tool in Excel?
19- Absolute vs. Relative Formulas in Excel
20- How to Understand Formulas & Functions in Excel
21- What Are SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MAX & MIN in Excel?
22- What Is the Text Function in Excel?
23- What Is the Hyperlink Function in Excel?
24- What Is the Concatenate Function in Excel?
25- What Are Count Functions in Excel?
26- How to Use Page Setup & How to Print in Excel
27- What’s the Offset Function in Excel?
28- How to Use Microsoft Excel with Shir Moscovitz

★★★ Learn How to become an Excel Expert ★★★

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