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Let’s Browse is a simple web browser that makes browsing the web easy. It is fast, secure and uses very little system resources. Just because it is fast and light however does not mean that it is not packed with features as well. Let’s Browse incorporates several unique features including “Dual Browsing Mode”, Which when enabled allows you to look at two different web pages at once. The ultimate feature for heavy multitaskers like me. Another one of Let’s Browse‘s unique features is its custom start page that shows every time you open the app. This start page allows you to access a said web page using voice recognition or access all other content of the app by just tapping a button and you can even give your start page a more customized feel by adding a personal background picture in settings.

Let’s browse is designed by Simple Tools Made Easy, a company based in Central Ohio. You can visit our webpage at https:sites.google.comviewsimpletoolsmadeasy or contact us using the email address [email protected]

About This Apk
Name Let’s Browse
Size 2.87 MB
Version 3.0.1
Developer Simple Tools Made Easy
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +