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Download Magical Doll House Cleanup-Dream Home Decor Repair Latest Apk v1.0.0 For Android | Apk Download

Magical Doll House Cleanup-Dream Home Decor Repair

Download Magical Doll House Cleanup-Dream Home Decor Repair apk

This cute magical doll house is a little family helper for a dream house decor and cleanup. Let’s make a checklist for dream house cleaning. Be clean like a professional cleaning services. You will love to clean your dream house and love to train your other family members being a family little helper dream house cleaner. Before you go start going room to room, enjoy some lively music. Now Pick up the clutter. Let’s clean and dust scrutinize books, magazines, old clothes, newspapers, furnitures ,talking toys, rugs and some old computers. Use some dust cleaner, vacuum cleaner, sweep, mop, treat floors, furniture freshening for some mopping and some spa waxing. Now enter in the kitchen and wipe down countertops, cabinets, appliances like refrigerators, microwave oven, dishwasher and wipe down stove top. Sweep and mop floors. Now when you enter in bathrooms, remove rugs, waste baskets before vacuuming.Remove everything from tubs and shower. Place bath mats, clean tub or shower walls with warm water. Now cleanup and spray with all purpose cleaner except toilets, shower , tubs and mirrors. Focus on bath mat, scrub tub, shower walls and door. Apply tile and cleaner to tub floor and scrub. Cleanup the shower rack and soap dishes. Kill the germs from toilet and wash with toilet cleaner. rinse the sink and rags. Wipe the vanity countertop. Wipe down cabinet fronts.Replace rugs, bath mat and waste baskets.

Be a tidy magical doll house family helper cleaner in your dream house decoration. When cleaning the bedroom first of all you have to remove clutter, dusted items, vacuumed the house and tidied your closets. Now being a tidy little house helper, return bedroom furniture like chairs, diaper bins etc put to vacuum. Fold your laundry and put in dresser and put mint on your pillow. Use a streak free glass cleaner for windows and wipe with newspapers. Clean large windows with quality squeegee. Scrub each screen with a bristle brush , rinse with outdoor hose and insert back into window to dry. Provide best tidy house cleaning services to your dream house. Wash and clean your home bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and tv lounge area before the guests arrival.

Being a tidy house cleaner arrange neatly and in order. Keep your home uncluttered, chipper, shipshape, well ordered, sleek, trim , spruce, well groomed, systematic, spice and span good shape and neat as pin. There are some secrets to clean your tidy house in half of the time by having a house cleaning system, clean top to bottom and left to right. Squeegee windows for streak free finish.Keep house cleaning told ready at the cleaning time. Dust without spraying and be proactive. Cut through the kitchen grease. Use the lemon cleaner. Battle with bathroom mold. Defeat the mineral deposits like bathing shower. Keep all the stainless-steel shining. Clean the kitchen microwave like a tidy champion. Vacuum in rows and speed clean regularly. Choose some best household cleaning tools like polish with microfiber clothes, countertop stains with protective coating, furniture renew with mineral spirits, Buff off the shower door scum, protect shower doors from mineral buildup, remove stubborn rust stains with acid magic, minimise sum with synthetic soap, remove tough grime with less scrubbing, make own greener cleaning solution, use a scrub and wax, clean grout with bleach pen, beat the dust out of cushions with tennis racket. Sour off grime with electric toothbrush, Mini power washer, mix your own window washer cleaner, clean range hood grease filters, pressure washer and mops. Be the magical tidy house helper for bedroom, bathroom , toilet , kitchen and tv lounge of your home.

Play this free doll house cleaning game with your friends and family.

About This Apk
Name Magical Doll House Cleanup-Dream Home Decor Repair
Size 31.60 MB
Version 1.0.0
Developer uGoGo Entertainment
Category Casual
Supports Android 4.0 +