Real IQ Test: What’s My IQ?

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A free and very realistic IQ test.

It is developed by professional psychologists with the use of Professor Hans Eysencks works. Results of the test are used to estimate your personal knowledge, educational level and logic. The test is not to be considered as a fully accurate psychological portrait. Test results are for information only.

Please free some 40 minutes for the test because you won’t be able to take a pause once you’ve started. You can answer by doubletapping one of the choices or by tapping one choice and then pressing the “next” button.

After completing the test you’ll see your score and you may compare it with scores of several well-known people.

You may save the score and then boast it to your friends later. If your friends have scored more than you, you can always delete their results from the score sheet.

Real IQ Test: What’s My IQ?

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