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Get into the orbit frontiers and hack the bricks of sky with the free rocket space game, you would be Kerbaled out with this fast addicting game of rackets. you should guide your rakete or roket between stars and planets and watch out from mines or your ballistic spaceship would blow up, as a result your hard artificial satellite landing mission on Jupiter or mars could be failed badly. Just like nasa invasion space+ program you could lose your capsule and of course you end up in the endless galaxy with a non-successful mission and a destroyed Roscosmos. As a reminder, the timing of your choice to redirect the missile is so important and crucial elsewhere you would hit the mines and fall with your spcae team. So center your attention and catch up with the elite pioneers like Elon, be the next rocketman and from your launch pad until the iss guard a good orbital speed, identify stars and boost carefully your speed. The ship provided is the best among Russians vostok named sputnik, the americans apolo or even the Japanese jaxa AES. What are you waiting for? Start invading moon or neptune or whatever planet in your mind. From Earth Reach the external layer’s boundaries passing by the atmosphere and stratosphere, from launching to landing, discover the universe with this top game, the outer area can always be a good place to visit. Have a nice play.


? Good control

? Challenging obstacles and spikes

? New space agency technologies

? Racket raider full control

? Challenge online gamers to get the best cash score.

? Clear all the achievements from 20$ to 100$ to be labeled game master

? Other levels among soon updates, stay tuned

? This game will be updated constantly ?

? ? Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game? ?

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