Seven Stars

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Mission of the game is to get all the 7 stars down in minimum moves.

This 7star game is very unique and challenging game.

7 cute stars needs your help to get out of the bubble trap puzzle.

Seven Stars is a never seen before game providing a lot of entertainment for puzzle aficionados. As simple as popping bubbles with remarkably well-designed and appealing visuals and sound effects.

Seven Stars is designed to be very simple to play.

Tap on any arrow bubble to burst it. But choose such a bubble which is pointing to another bubble and which again points to another one and so on.. Try bursting as many bubbles as you can in one pop.

Collect points on every pop. Hitting any of the 7 stars give you extra points.

Two way, three way, four way,plus one, plus two, x1, x2, 7×7 grid clear, surprises, bombs, row clear, column clear provides you an action packed entertainment dose in this 7 star game.

There are few time based modes in-between to multiply the seven times fun.

Popping bubbles was always fun and will always be and if you get a puzzle out of popping, Its real fun game.

its unique and never seen before game – 7 STARS.

Seven Stars poem:-


Twinkling Twinkling 7 stars,

some in grid, but few are far

bring them down under that line,

they’ll be happy and they will shine 🙂


Try resisting yourself from eagerly popping in this game, since its not a popping game, its a puzzle. Its easy to pop but very tough to get gold.

7 star features:

● Never seen before game

● Easy and fun to play, challenging to earn gold medal

● Two ways, three & four ways, blasts and multiple surprises

● Regenerating hints to help you when in need

● Appealing Visuals and Sound effects

● Guaranteed entertainment for puzzle aficionados

● 7 times 7 levels of fun and enjoyment. Complete current 7stars game and we work for more levels.

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About This Apk
Name Seven Stars
Size 7.57 MB
Version 1.7
Developer Soni Studios Pvt Ltd
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +